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Five Major Reasons Why You Should take up Machine Learning Training

Five Major Reasons Why You Should take up Machine Learning Training

Today, Machine Learning is considered to be the biggest innovation and it plays an important role in the world of technology.  With every other industry applying AI to its domain and companies increasingly hiring skilled ML engineers, undergoing training for machine learning has become very important.

Here are five reasons why you should take up machine learning training.

 Jobs in this field are on the rise –   Today the top emerging jobs in technology include that of Data scientists, machine learning engineers, and big data engineers. With the change and expansion in technology the employment trends are also changing with it. And with this, the skills that are most important to be successful in the workforce are also changing.  As per Indeed, over the past three years, the demand for talents in AI has more than doubled and the number of job postings has also increased by 119 percent.

 Better career opportunities – Today, as every industry is applying AI in their domain, getting trained in machine learning is opening up a world of opportunities to develop cutting- edge machine learning applications in different verticals -image recognition, cyber security, face recognition etc. There are many machine learning companies who are on the verge of hiring skilled ML engineers, and then it has become the brain behind business intelligence. A report confirms that Machine learning as a Service is expected to increase from US$1.07 bn in 2016 to US$19.9 bn by 2025.

Machine learning linked closely to data science – Machine learning systems learn from data the same way humans tend to learn from experience. Hence many of the machine learning engineers do dual roles of machine learning engineering and data science, when they do their daily work. As you are aware, data science is rated as the top most job of the 21st century taking Machine learning training will provide you the chance for making you more knowledgeable in data science and provide you with more opportunities.

A better salaried job:  There are lot of jobs within machine learning that provides the opportunity to earn a good salary. The more experience a person has in machine learning, the more he/she can earn. The typical salary is normally between £33,590 and £35,500 with an average salary of £50,000 per year. The average salary can also depend on the area of the job.

FuturisticThe recent advances that have happened in machine learning technology today probably suggest a future where machine and devices which run on self-running algorithms will operate much more independently than they do at present. These will have their own conclusions drawn in which is within certain parameters and adapt to certain behaviour to different situations and have the tendency to interact with humans much more closely. There are lots of devices that are able to react to our voices. In the near future, they are expected to become interactive and continuously learning assistants are going to help us with our daily business routines and this would include translating documents and further analyzing text and data.


Today’s world is changing in more rapid and dramatic way than ever and there has been a lot of demand for machine learning engineers, which is expected to increase in the future. As the challenges in the world are complex and it will surely require complex systems to solve, machine learning engineers will be solving them. If you see your future here, this is the right time to take machine learning training.

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